Confronting Homelessness and Accelerating Implementation: Data, Design, Dignity

November 02, 2023 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time Los Angeles Convention Center - West Hall, Concourse: 151 Concurrent Session
Mission Priority Open to All Attendees
Equitable Development Housing – Affordable and Workforce Nonprofit Developers
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This panel will be a direct, real-talk dialogue on homelessness in the United States that briefly summarizes the myriad causes of rising homelessness, then dives into innovative solutions to eradicate it with ethics, policy, and action. It will explore a range of housing and other innovative solutions locally in Los Angeles and throughout the country. The panelists, all recognized industry leaders, will describe how each is addressing the epidemic with actionable and unique efforts. They will also identify commonalities—namely, a shared harnessing of data, design, and dignity as helpful tools in their arsenal. With this, they will discuss how and why collaboration among public housing authorities, financing agencies, owners, nonprofit builders, architects, and activists is necessary to produce truly innovative solutions that “push the needle.” This will be followed by a lively discussion about their collective impact, the current status of homelessness in Los Angeles and in society at large, and what further efforts are needed to solve homelessness once and for all.