Welcome Aboard Bronze Sponsors!

Thank you for your sponsorship of the 2023 ULI Fall Meeting. This meeting would not be possible without your generous support!

Below outlines the details and deadlines you will need to activate your various sponsorship benefits. Please note that you will not be recognized on any ULI Fall Meeting branding and marketing materials until we have your signed agreement, logos, and choice benefit selection saved on file. All other action items mentioned below are due by September 1st, 2023  at the latest and should be submitted via the green submission form button below, unless otherwise noted in the details below.

Please note that the form will auto-save as you start filling out the submission information, so if you need to start the form and return to finish it at a later date, please make sure to click the “save” button at the end of the form. Once you click that button, a notification box will pop-up that says your form has been saved and there will be a green button that say’s “get shareable link”. Please click on that button and make sure to save the link, so you can return back to the form. An email notification will also be sent to our team for reference as well. 

If you have any issues or questions throughout the process, please contact your account manager for assistance. 

*Note: All other general meeting information (conference agenda, how to register, registration pricing, information on tours, sessions, and speakers, etc.) can be found on the 2023 ULI Fall Meeting website at fall.uli.org

An invoice will be sent to you upon receiving your signed agreement. If you have not received an invoice, please contact you ULI account manager as soon as possible.

Payment is due no later than September 1st, 2023.

To pay by check, please mail your payment to the following address below:

2001 L ST. NW #200

To pay by credit card, wire, or ACH, please contact ULI’s customer service team at (800)-321-5011 or [email protected].

To be recognized on the ULI Event’s app, conference website, Fall Meeting onsite signage, and various other digital marketing assets, please submit your company name and logo in the following formats noted below via the green submission form button below.

Required Items:

  • Please list your company name exactly how you would like it written out on all print and digital branded materials. 
  • Send full-color and all-white logos in the following formats/specs:
    • Eps. Format – An EPS is a vector format designed to transfer PostScript artwork between applications and it’s the preferred choice of graphics format for printing high-resolution illustrations.
    • Png. Format – high-resolution 300 dpi transparent image


  • You will not be recognized on any ULI Fall Meeting branding and marketing materials until we have your signed agreement, logos, and choice benefit selection (mentioned below) saved on file. 
  • No tagline logo files are needed. 
  • Only submit approved logos that we can use on both print and digital sponsor-related conference signage and recognition pieces. 
  • If you have specific logo design guidelines, please include that information in the notes section of the submission form, along with the required logo files. 

ULI Social Media Handles and Hashtags:

Showcase your support and Fall Meeting participation by maximizing your #ULIFall Meeting social media footprint.

Don’t forget to follow ULI on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to stay up-to date on everything leading up to #ULIFall.

  • Facebook: @ULIGlobal
  • Instagram: @UrbanLandInstitute
  • LinkedIn: Urban Land Institute
  • Twitter: @UrbanLandInst

Using the official hashtag – #ULIFall – is a best practice that helps attendees easily find our posts. Monitoring the hashtag on social media also allows you to discover what attendees are talking about leading up to and during the event.

Your company receives a comp code for (2) complimentary meeting registrations. The code is non-transferable and can only be used for the 2023 ULI Fall Meeting.

You will receive an email from the Corporate Partnership Client Services Team with your complimentary registration code. Once you have that unique comp code for your company, please direct your colleagues to the ULI Fall Meeting registration page and have them follow the instructions listed on the page to register.


  • We recommend that you and your colleagues register any time from now until a week before the conference.
  • When you go to register under registration menu (in the profile section), please make sure to add your comp code to the box marked as “Discount Code” in order to forgo the payment fee.
  • Your colleagues need to register and use the assigned comp code as individuals. The code will not work on the group registration page.

If you have any questions or issues while registering, please reach out to our conference registration
team at [email protected].

Your company receives the following invitations mentioned below to attend various special programming events. 

Sponsorship Reception hosted by the ULI Americas Corporate Partnerships & Strategy Team:

  • No ticket holder information required – Open to all registered sponsor meeting attendees.
  • Please note that the event details and invitation will be shared at a later date this summer

Your company receives (1) full year of Bronze level local benefits. The ULI Los Angeles District Council team will reach out to you at a later date regarding any local benefit action items and recognition details.

For more information, please visit the local LA district council website here.

Items Due ASAP – Upon Receiving Signed Agreement:

☐ Submit Logos via the submission form

* Note: You will not be recognized on any ULI Fall Meeting branding and marketing materials until we have your signed agreement, logos, and choice benefit selection saved on file. 

All Other Action Items Due:

☐ Submit Payment via mailed check or credit/wire/ACH by September 1st, 2023 


  • Please make sure to reach out to your account manager for your complimentary registration code(s) and make sure to register for the conference using that code from now until a week before the conference.
  • There are no deadlines/action items required for local LA benefits – If needed, the ULI LA District Council will reach out with any questions.