Remembrance Design: Culture and History as Catalysts for Urban Regeneration

September 20, 2019 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM Walter E. Washington Convention Center, 207B Concurrent Session
Open to All Attendees
Infrastructure – Transportation and Transit Placemaking Regulations and Zoning Urban and Regional Planning
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In our work in cities across North America, we find pervasive patterns of 20th-century planning policies, zoning regulations, urban renewal, and highway construction that have frequently disrupted and displaced disproportionately underserved and low-income communities. Each project offers an opportunity to create an experience, in built form, that nurtures a strong understanding of site context, awareness of self, and empathy for others. They challenge rather than reinforce the status quo, addressing lost cultural connections between people and places. This unique, community-focused approach to our cultural practice honors individual and collective memory, infusing historical context into the built form and restoring cultural connections through highly progressive and innovative design projects.