Future Proofing the Suburbs: Lessons Learned from Three Smart Suburbs

September 20, 2019 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM Walter E. Washington Convention Center, 202AB Concurrent Session
Open to All Attendees
Infrastructure – Transportation and Transit Market Conditions – Technology, New/Disruptive Revitalization/Redevelopment – Suburbs Urban and Regional Planning
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Managing the adoption and integration of new and emerging mobility innovations to achieve a successful new transportation paradigm is the defining issue of our time. Lots of great work on how cities should manage the autonomous revolution has been explored. However, suburban jurisdictions will also face challenges for managing emerging technologies, and there is much work that has to be done.

This panel focuses on providing analysis, policy response, and insight into the various challenges and opportunities for managing the driverless future using examples from South Florida, Long Island, and Los Angeles County. Panelists will discuss how autonomous vehicles will dramatically change mobility, access, urban design, and land use and will build on a series of analyses and identify key policy considerations coupled with tactical solutions for suburban jurisdictions to future-proof planning, transportation, and design. Attendees will hear from an expert panel on a variety of topics, including: 1. How parking demand for commuters and discretionary journeys will change with AVs; and 2. Identifying opportunity costs for parking versus funding AV mobility solutions; and 3. Envisioning how.