ULI and its partners offer the following scholarship opportunities for the 2017 Fall Meeting:


2017 Fall Meeting Rose Center Scholarship

Since 2009, the Rose Center for Public Leadership has awarded scholarships to public officials to attend the Fall Meeting with the generous support of corporate donors. In response to feedback from past scholarship recipients and with the support of the ULI Foundation, in 2015 the Rose Center’s Fall Meeting public official scholarship program was changed to cover a greater share of expenses and provide a richer ULI experience, but is only awarded to 10 recipients.

Who is eligible?

Any elected or management-level employee of the following types of agencies are eligible:

Please note: If you were awarded this scholarship in 2015 or 2016 you are not eligible for 2017. Also, board members of government entities or other eligible organizations whose primary employment is with a non-public entity will be considered but are lower priority than elected officials or management-level staff.

Scholarships will be awarded for the 2017 Fall Meeting to ULI members who fit the following criteria:

What does the scholarship cover?

This year’s Rose Center scholarship winners will receive:

Following the Fall Meeting, each scholarship winner must summarize her or his perspective on key takeaways from the Fall Meeting to be posted on the ULI website.

How to apply:


2017 Fall Meeting WLI Prologis Scholarship

The application period for this scholarship is now closed

Since 2012, the ULI Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) has awarded scholarships to women members to participate in the Fall Meeting.  These scholarships are awarded in recognition of a member’s contributions to ULI and demonstrated commitment to real estate and land use issues.  Further selection criteria is a member’s ability to articulate the benefits of WLI involvement and Fall Meeting attendance to advance their professional interests and pursuits as well as their future involvement with ULI. Scholarships will be awarded to applicants who have 7+ years in the real estate or land use industry and have shown leadership roles within their District Council or on a national or global level.

We are thankful for Prologis and their generous support of this prestigious program for a second year.  Senior women at Prologis created the grassroots group Breakthrough that supports the retention of women and identifies and removes barriers to advancement for Prologis across the globe. Breakthrough’s goals resonate with those of WLI in that Breakthrough strives to create a work environment where women feel connected and empowered, while creating a business culture that offers opportunities for success and recognizes the value of a gender-diverse workforce.

The Fall Meeting Scholarship includes complimentary registration to the ULI 2017 Fall Meeting and a reimbursement of approved out-of-pocket expenses for transportation and lodging, capped at $2,000.  Fall Meeting scholarship winners will be assigned a mentor who is an active WLI member.  The mentor will host the recipient at her Product Council and will make introductions to her networks at all WLI-branded events.   Following the Fall Meeting, each scholarship winner will summarize her perspective on key takeaways from the Fall Meeting to be posted on the ULI website.

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