Dive into data-driven insights, market forecasts, and innovative strategies shaping the landscape of real estate in 2024.

Being unveiled at this year’s Fall Meeting, the freshly minted 2024 edition of Emerging Trends in Real Estate® United States and Canada, ULI’s flagship forecast publication, is a beacon illuminating the trends that will sculpt the real estate industry in the coming year. This pivotal session will not only introduce you to insights from the report, but also engage you in a spirited discussion among industry luminaries of the related trends and interconnected issues.

Curious about the top development and investment prospects for 2024? Drawing on the wisdom of seasoned ULI members, this session will empower you with a forward-looking perspective on trends that will redefine real estate. Discover where to channel your investments, the sectors brimming with promise, and the markets primed for growth. Now in its 45th year, Emerging Trends in Real Estate®, a collaboration between PwC and ULI, remains the industry’s definitive forecast, characterized by its straightforward, expert-backed insights. 

Session Highlights